Renovations that increase the value of your home

By Real People at 6 Aug 2018, 08:24 AM


Whether you are renovating to upgrade, extend or sell your house, getting to grips with how renovations impact the sale price will help you make an informed decision.

Here is a list of renovations that can potentially increase the value of a house in lower to middle-income suburb:

The kitchen

It is often said that kitchens sell properties, so pay particular attention to this important room. Replacing old doorknobs, cupboard handles, tap fittings, and ceiling lights is good for a quick, low-cost revamp while, for the more adventurous, updating the splashbacks with new tiles can give the space instant rejuvenation.

The bathroom

It is usually easy to replace the shower screen, taps, toilet and vanity. Then you could paint the tiles and walls and resurface the bath. If you are doing a bigger renovation, keep the cost down by retaining the location of the existing plumbing.

The roof

Extending upwards is one of the easiest ways to gain an extra bedroom and bathroom – in fact, a loft conversion can increase floor space in your house by up to 30%.


 Having a garage increases security in your house and can reduce your car insurance premiums.

Energy saving features

As the cost of electricity continues to increase, many households are looking for efficient means of saving. Therefore, energy-saving features like a solar geyser will add significant value.


Cottages and outside rooms are useful if you are staying with your domestic worker. The rooms can also be rented out to generate extra income for the family.


Having storage space can give you an advantage when selling the house. Every household needs space to store important household content that is not used regularly.

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