Start planning for Christmas now

By Real People at 5 Nov 2018, 09:42 AM


Christmas decorations are slowly starting to pop up in stores and we have only a few weeks left. Start Christmas planning now and you will reap abundant benefits come December. Christmas can be expensive, but planning can save you time, money and stress.

Frantic last minute shopping + credit cards = January blues

For too many families, Christmas is the gift that keeps on giving, in the form of credit card balances that linger for months into the New Year. When last-minute sentiment or the pressure of deadlines sways buying decisions, it's too easy to turn to plastic to bankroll the holiday season. Budgets are blown in December; it happens ALL the time.

Setting a holiday budget now makes it easier to achieve an all-cash Christmas while planning early helps find the funds to celebrate in style. Better still, having gift lists organized in advance helps savvy shoppers take advantage of seasonal specials as they arise.

Starting now means you'll spend less, get more, and keep the bills off the credit card balance. Because consumer debt is nobody's idea of a Christmas gift!

Better Deals

This especially applies to travel. If you’ve ever had to book a last-minute plane ticket to fly home for Christmas, you will understand how expensive that can be. Instead, keep an eye out on seat sales throughout the year so you can book at the lowest possible price.

Planning gifts early also gives you time to monitor sale prices. If there is a specific item, you’re looking at then maybe sign up for the company’s email list. You’ll also avoid much of the money stress that comes with Christmas. It’s easier to say no to a bad deal on the perfect gift in November than it is in December. Getting better deals combined with already having the money saved up will make budgeting a breeze, and you won’t be afraid of checking your credit card statements in the New Year.

Less Stress

There are very few things that feel better than waking up on December first and knowing your Christmas shopping is done. People will hate you, but you will be floating with a sense of accomplishment. Sure, you might still have to survive the hell that is hosting Christmas dinner, but you won’t have to go to the mall in December.

Not having to stress about gift list and finding the time to shop is huge. It means you can do the things you actually enjoy about Christmas like spending more time with the family. Be the person everyone else is jealous of in December and get started on your Christmas planning now!

Source: Take charge of your money