Entertaining the South African way

By Real People at 2 Oct 2018, 10:04 AM


Braaing is probably the most South African thing you can do. Having a built-in braai area is a great way to entertain your guests. Therefore, investing in your braai area is something you will never regret. 

It is important to consider the style of your house when planning an entertainment area with a built-in braai so that there is parity in the character of your home.

Ready-made braai units make building a braai area that much easier. A built-in braai is neat and practical and the chimney ensures that smoke is funnelled away from the seating area, allowing for an enjoyable braaing experience.

Read some tips and ideas for making your built-in braai entertainment area a fun and relaxing place to be!


We all have different size areas to work with when it comes to braai areas, but whatever the size and shape of your space, you can transform into an inviting space! Choose your tiling options wisely: lighter colours for smaller areas as this creates the illusion of space; darker colours for larger areas, as this creates an illusion of cosiness and warmth. Make sure you have enough seating available: for small areas, consider a corner couch and a small coffee table, while larger areas can include full suites and dining areas.


Include a work surface by building in counters that will provide plenty of space to prepare food and store utensils. A well-placed table like a tall cocktail table could also function just as well.

Keeping it comfy

You want this area to be comfortable and inviting. You need to think practically when it comes to outdoor furniture -it needs to brave the elements, but it does not have to be cold, boring or uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are plenty of beautiful, chic and comfortable weatherproof options beyond your standard metal or plastic furniture. Add a spot of colour and comfort by buying printed scatter cushions and a rug.

Light it up

Lights create a magical setting. Install fairy lights and lanterns, and with all the solar light options available these days, you do not need to worry about your electricity bill being exorbitant.

Create shade

Sitting in direct sunlight is unpleasant for most people. If your braai area isn’t shaded, invest in an outdoor umbrella or a beach gazebo, for a cheaper option. Building a more permanent shade structure will make your entertainment area that much more user-friendly.

Source: Homemakers Online