Easy ways to make your home winter ready

By Real People at 20 Apr 2020, 12:33 PM


Homeowners are encouraged to take the time while they’re at home to investigate their homes inside and out to ensure that the property will be able to withstand storms or heavy rains. It is better to take all the necessary precautions ahead of the expected weather conditions as this way you won’t be in a panic should the weather take a turn.

Take care of your garden

Generally, the garden would feel the brunt of the cold weather, therefore, the best place for homeowners to start would be outside. Prune any trees and bushes that are encroaching more than 1 metre away from the roof.

Trimming trees near the roof is a good safety measure to take, as gale-force winds could result in breakaway branches causing damage to your roof or nearby windows.

Pack away things you won’t need

There are certain things that need to be packed away or rescheduled before the arrival of the cold days that await us. Automatic sprinklers, for example, need to be reset so that you do not end up wasting water. Seasonal furniture and outdoor décor should be stowed away, and pools should be covered to avoid debris from falling in and clogging up the filtering system.”

Ensure your home is weathertight

Homeowners should ensure that the house is weathertight. This includes general maintenance, such as varnishing timber window and door frames, checking the chimney flute and outside drains for blockages, and doing a roof inspection to check for loose shingles. It is also a good idea to check the ceiling for any damages that may cause leaks into the home.

Stock up and prepare your fireplace

For those who have indoor fireplaces, stock up early so you have enough to get you through the season. It is also a good idea to refresh your emergency kit supply in case of electricity outages or extreme lockdown conditions. Things such as torch batteries, candles and matches will all be useful in this respect.


Winter presents a great opportunity to stay indoors and spend some quality time with those closest to you. To make the most of the winter season, prepare your home accordingly so you can ride out the storm from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Source: Property24