Cosy up your bedroom this winter with these tips

By Real People at 1 Jun 2020, 12:54 PM


Winter is the coldest season of the year and may leave you with a huge power bill. It is the time to think about making your room more comfortable by keeping the cold out and heat in. Few can afford to spend money on decorating for each season, but there are affordable ways to warm up a bedroom without breaking the bank.

Consider installing a layered-look - with fabric curtains for winter.

There are many ways to add a warm and cosy atmosphere to a bedroom, and depending on where you are located, there are hundreds of ideas to dress up a bedroom for winter. And you don't need to give the entire room a makeover when all it takes are a few touches here and there.

We look at simple ways to create a cosy bedroom for the cold months ahead:

Snuggle up with a warm duvet

Invest in a duck down or goose down, and make sure you are getting the real thing.

Down is the soft under-plumage that water birds have to keep them warm and dry. Both duck and goose down bedding has a longer life span when compared to synthetic materials - so while you are paying more you are saving in the long run.

Pile on the plush

Pillows and cushions are a quick and easy way to warm up a bedroom, and you can easily change the covers when decorating for seasons. Choose warmer colours such as gold, brown, orange and red for a winter bedroom. If you have the cash to spend, coordinate with new curtains in matching colours.

Block out winter

Draughty windows mean loss of heat - so grab some weatherproofing strips and seal gaps around loose frames to keep in the warmth. Fill any cracks around the window with a suitable sealer.

Curtains help to keep heat in a room, and these can be layered in rich colours to cut down on draughts and make any room instantly warmer and more comfortable. Consider installing a layered-look - with fabric blinds for summer and curtains for winter.

Warmth underfoot

The flooring that you choose for your bedroom is also a very important part of the overall look of your bedroom décor, whether in summer or winter. We know that tiles can be cool in summer but that also means that they can be cold in winter. Without the expense of installing under tile heating, you could add area rugs to add a touch of warmth. Carpeting offers year-round comfort and increases the 'warmth' factor in a bedroom during the colder months. If you change your bedroom décor often choose neutral carpet colour.

Green heat

Nothing says warmth like a cosy fireplace or gas heater in the bedroom. While some homes have a built-in fireplace in the living spaces, very few have a fireplace in the bedroom.

Source: Property24