Hardware Retail Finance Applications

Are you building, extending, renovating or improving your home?  With a Real People Home Improvement loan, you have the convenience of financing your homebuilding materials to create your dream home.

With over 600 participating hardware retail stores, country-wide, you can choose where you want to purchase your homebuilding materials with ease.

In-store application process

STEP 1: Visit a participating store
STEP 2: Ask about a Real People loan from a friendly credit consultant
STEP 3: Check the loan amount you qualify for
STEP 4: Choose your homebuilding materials in store
STEP 5: Complete the Real People loan application in-store
STEP 6: Get approval within 2 hours*
STEP 7: Real People will pay the store directly for your homebuilding materials

*Subject to all required documents being submitted when initially applying for the loan and all underwriting criteria being met. 

What you need to apply:

  • Valid SA ID or driver’s license
  • RICA Registered Cellphone number
  • Payslips and bank statements:
  • Your most recent payslip and bank statement showing latest 3 salary deposits; OR
  • Latest 3 payslips; OR 
  • 3 months’ bank statements (if you are self-employed)

You can apply if:

  • You are permanently employed, self-employed or employed under contract
  • You earn a salary of at least R 3 600 per month & have your salary electronically deposited into a bank account
  • You are between 18 & 64 years’ old

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